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Welcome to The Sci-Fi Novel!

The Sci-Fi Novel is a blog for lovers of written science fiction who wish to learn and discover more about the genre. Here, you’ll find reviews of the best sci-fi stories as well as deep dives into all those themes that make science fiction so darn interesting.

If you’re not a reader of sci-fi, or feel you don’t know too much about the genre, then read this post or this post to start your sci-fi journey.

If you love reading science fiction and talking about science fiction, then this little corner of the Intertubes is just for you!

And if you struggle to find the time to discover new sci-fi, fear not! Starting January 2018, The Sci-Fi Novel Short Story Club will publish monthly short stories from new writers, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge of science fiction.

About Andrea

Ahoy hoy, my name is Andrea. I’m a writer with a fierce passion for science fiction. I started this blog because I wanted to read more books from the genre I hope to join.

So I compiled a list of 100 science fiction stories, mostly novels, since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (widely considered to be the first major science fiction novel) and set out to read each one, slowly but surely acquiring enough manna to eventually become Grand Master of Science Fiction. :D

This blog started out as a personal project. I simply wanted to read more science fiction and share my thoughts. Now, I hope to turn it into an honest-to-goodness sci-fi community and publishing house with my Short Story Club.

I hope you’ll join me on this great adventure!

Andrea :)