Countdown to Finishing My Novel

I’ve been writing my novel for almost four years now. Wow. Of course, I’ve always kept track of how much time I’ve spent on this thing, but actually writing it down here makes it seem that much more real. I’ve actually spent three years and nine months on it. That’s almost a whole other university degree!

My goodness.

Naturally I was supposed to be finished two years ago, and then by last year, too. Multitudes of self-imposed deadlines have come and gone, leaving me only slightly closer to the finish line each time.

Some people seem to be able to pump out manuscripts within a year. I envy those people.

That’s not to say that time isn’t a good thing when novel writing. I’ve gone through several revisions and major plot changes in this time and they’ve all been for the better. The story I have now is completely different from the one I started with, but also deeper, more formed, more real. (I hope and think!)

Time and space are essential to novel writing, even though spending time not writing makes me feel like a complete failure. (I know I’m not the only one here.)

I feel I understand my characters more now because I’ve given them time and space in my mind to become who they are. When I first started writing, I didn’t feel that much of a connection to my characters. I loved them because they were mine, but that was it. Now, I love them for who they are. I can feel them forming and growing in my mind and heart. And I can see and feel their world that much better.


But now it’s really time for me to be done. I can actually see the finish line. It’s much closer than it ever was before.

So I’m going to make one last deadline for myself, by which time I must have a manuscript worthy of being sent to literary agents. It’s time to finish this novel. In a weird way, I also finally feel ready to be finished, too.

This blog, what with its sci-fi focus, is the perfect place to chronicle finishing my own sci-fi novel at last. I’m hoping that by putting this out there it will invoke some sort of feeling of being responsible for actually finishing it.

THE DATE: JULY 31, 2017.

This deadline includes already having had beta readers read my novel, provide comments and criticism, and me incorporating or ignoring those comments and criticisms. August 1 is the day I send my first query letter to an agent.

The final countdown begins.

Guess I have to start waking up early again.

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