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Update on the Blog

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Hello dear readers!

You may have noticed that for the past four-ish months or so I haven't posted anything on this here blog due to a sort of involuntary hiatus. I started a new job some months ago and it's been difficult to make the time to blog regularly as well as work on my novel outside work.

Lately I've been giving priority to my novel as I'm on the last round of revisions before I'll start sending out query letters to agents. I'm so close to being done that I've been quite nose-to-the-grindstone about it (is that a real phrase?) and most of my free time has gone to that. As well, I read some other novels that weren’t on my sci-fi list.

However, I'm re-committing now because this blog is a passion project and I love reading science fiction and writing about science fiction so much. There is still much to be read on My List and I can't give up now, and wouldn’t even dream of doing so!

Henceforth I'll resume my weekly blog posts!

-Andrea :)


Book 24: The Minority Report

Book 22: I Am Legend