Update on the Novel

July 31 is fast approaching and my novel is...nowhere near finished.

The long and the short of it is that I started over. I'm on what can be called the fifth draft, but it's a totally different version of the story than what I had in previous drafts. I've started over several times, each time trying to nail down the actual story/plot points, and each time realizing why I don't like that version or why it won't work or how that's not exactly the story I want to tell or that needs to be told.

Lucky for me the version I'm writing now is it. Four years later and I finally landed on the story I want to tell. 

I'm writing it as fast as I can manage. You see, after all this time I've learned that it's best to just get that "first draft" out there. Don't worry if it's good or bad, just get it onto the page and edit later. Also, I'm going on a writing retreat in August for a week, so I can work on it with abandon there too. 

After that I've enlisted some trusted friends to be beta readers. And then after THAT, I can submit to agents.

Phew. *Wipes sweat off brow.* It ain't easy I'll tell ya that much!

But goddamn, I think it's a good story.


Voyage to Venus