The Sci-Fi Novel is a science fiction blog by Andrea Elisabeth Kovarcsik. Her posts explore the 100 best sci-fi novels, as well as sci-fi theory, themes, philosophies, and more.

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Why This Blog? Why Now?

It's possible that there isn't a single science fiction novel on those shelves...

Why This Blog?

The year 2015 ranks as one of the most stressful times of my life. Several events/issues all came to a head, making for an extremely stressful several months. After all that, I decided to become a freelance writer and editor and finally make what I love to do the most my career.

Not only that, but I’d also already been working on my novel for almost two years at that point. Extending that into a career was only natural.

I’m writing a sci-fi novel, so it was brought to my attention that if I really wanted to blog, I should blog about my favourite subject: science fiction!

Of course! So here we are! Reading more science fiction is always at the top of my list as I’m mostly familiar with the genre through TV and movies. Searching online for a comprehensive list of the best sci-fis to read, I expected to come across a list such as Time’s 100 Greatest Novels, but didn’t find quite what I was looking for. Sure, I found top 10 and even top 50 lists, but I was looking for something more. So I set about making my own list of the all-time best sci-fis. I did, in the process, find the Hugo Awards, of which I had only a cursory knowledge before. Much of the list I put together consists of the Hugo Award winners. But since the Awards began in 1953, and I wanted to start with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (widely considered the first science fiction novel, published in 1818), I needed to fill out the list myself between 1818 and 1953. I also figured I’d add some more in there, seeing as how 100 is a nice round number.

You can find the complete list on The List page.

So that's what this blog is: me reading science fiction and writing about science fiction. Join me as I dissect novels and ponder universal themes. It's going to be an amazing journey.

And of course, feel free to reach out to me if you think a worthy science fiction novel is missing from my list!




Book 1: Frankenstein