On this page you'll find the countdown I've set up for *finally* finishing my sci-fi novel. I've been working on it since the summer of 2013 and it's high time I finished the manuscript. 

The timer is counting down to July 31, 2017, after which date I shall begin querying literary agents. No doubt there will be more work to do on my manuscript after that, but my goal is to have an agent-worthy manuscript by that time.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get closer to finishing my novel!

UPDATE: July 21, 2017

Well, July 31 is just around the corner and my novel is NOT finished. Ha! 

The good news is I've finally landed on the right story and sequence of events, so there won't be any more starting over. 

The question remains: what's my new deadline?

Hmm. I'm tempted to say a couple months, but we both know that's not realistic at all. Calculating a few things in my head, I think the new, realistic deadline is...

NOVEMBER 30, 2017!

Why so far away you ask? I've built in time for my beta readers to take a gander at the novel too. So November 30 represents a finished manuscript, beta read and all.

*Keeps on trekkin.*